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How to make pancakes in milk without eggs

Not all housewives know that you can cook pancakes without eggs in milk. And this is a big omission, since the lack of eggs is not a hindrance in the preparation of delicious pancakes. This article presents seven recipes for which absolutely no eggs are needed. Every housewife will be able to find here her signature recipe, which will appeal to her and her beloved household.

Egg-free pancake recipe for milk


  • Flour - a large glass;
  • Milk - 1 cup;
  • Oil - 4 dessert spoons;
  • Salt and sugar;
  • Soda is half a coffee spoon.


  1. Take a deep cup, and sifting flour into it, add salt and sugar;
  2. Stir the dry mixture thoroughly;
  3. Pour milk in a thin stream and at the same time knead the dough. You can use a whisk, a fork or a mixer, the main thing is that there are no lumps left;
  4. Gently put out the soda with vinegar and add to the dough;
  5. Pour oil into the batter and mix thoroughly the resulting mixture;
  6. Leave the mixture to rest for 10 minutes;
  7. Heat the pan well;
  8. Drizzle sunflower oil on it and leave to bask for another 2-3 minutes;
  9. Pour the dough into a hot pan with a thin layer.
  10. Fry until golden brown on both sides.

If you fry pancakes not in vegetable oil, but in butter, then the taste will be very tender.

Classic version


  • Flour - a glass;
  • Water - half a glass;
  • Milk - a glass and a half;
  • Salt - a coffee spoon;
  • Sugar - a dessert spoon;
  • Soda - a quarter of a coffee spoon;
  • Citric acid - half a coffee spoon;
  • Vegetable oil - three dessert spoons;
  • Butter.


  1. Take a bowl, pour flour into it and pour ¼ of the milk from the prescribed amount according to the recipe;
  2. Thus, the dough will be thick and uniform, which will eliminate problems with lumps.
  3. After obtaining a thick mass, slowly and gradually add the remaining milk;
  4. Add salt and sugar, citric acid, soda and one tablespoon of vegetable oil to the batter.
  5. Beat well with a whisk or mixer.
  6. Bake in a hot frying pan until golden brown.

Very often, pancakes break during cooking and stick to the pan. The whole problem is the amount of sugar in the dough. If sugar is more than one tablespoon, then similar troubles arise. To avoid them, you can not add sugar at all. Sweet filling compensates for everything.

On sour milk

As the saying goes, "A good housewife does not throw anything away." Milk is a very valuable product, but it quickly deteriorates. Sour milk can be used for baking.


  • Skimmed milk - half a liter;
  • Vegetable oil - 70 ml or seven dessert spoons;
  • Sugar - 4 dessert spoons;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • Flour - one and a half glasses;
  • Salt is half a coffee spoon.


  1. Take a container and pour sour milk into it;
  2. Add butter, along with salt and sugar;
  3. Add flour to the mixture and stir at the same time. Avoid the appearance of lumps;
  4. Heat the pan, add vegetable oil. Allow the oil to warm up;
  5. Bake on both sides until golden brown;

Grease each pancake with butter.

On whey

Whey is a product obtained as a result of the preparation of cottage cheese. It can be bought or cooked. Pancakes made on the basis of whey are very tasty, thin and delicate.


  • Serum - four 250-gram glasses;
  • Flour - 4 glasses;
  • Vanilla optional;
  • Soda - two dessert spoons;
  • Vegetable oil - 2-3 large spoons;
  • Sugar and salt.


  1. Before cooking, whey must be warmed up so that it is warm, not hot;
  2. Pour the serum into the cup and gradually add the flour, stirring with a whisk;
  3. Add salt and sugar to the batter, vanilla as desired;
  4. Stir the mixture thoroughly and leave to rest for 30 minutes;
  5. After 30 minutes, the serum dough can be considered ready;
  6. Add butter to the dough;
  7. Heat the pan, grease with oil and you can start to bake pancakes;
  8. Fry to a beautiful crust on both sides.

Soda makes pancakes porous and light. If the selected pancake recipe implies the presence of a filling, then soda can be omitted. Without it, pancakes will become dense and will not fall apart from the filling.

Custard pancakes without eggs

Everyone knows choux pastry desserts such as eclairs or profiteroles. But it turns out that you can cook stunningly delicious pancakes on choux pastry! Such a recipe is very simple and it does not require grandiose confectionery talents from the hostess.


  • Flour - one and a half to two glasses.
  • Sugar - two large spoons;
  • Salt - one coffee spoon;
  • Dry yeast - one small five-gram bag;
  • Vegetable oil - two large spoons;
  • Soda - one coffee spoon.
  • Boiling water is a glass.


  1. Mix yeast, sugar, salt and add water. Wait until bubbles appear.
  2. Slowly add flour, while stirring, to prevent the appearance of lumps;
  3. Stir and add a thin stream of boiling water;
  4. Add oil and mix again.
  5. Fry in a hot pan.

Custard pancakes are very porous, with fairly large holes.

On kefir

Pancakes on kefir are slightly denser than on milk. But, despite this, they are very porous. Have a nice sourness.


  • Kefir with low fat content - half a liter;
  • Flour - a glass;
  • Sugar - two to three tablespoons;
  • Vegetable oil - one large spoon;
  • Salt - a coffee spoon;
  • Soda is a coffee spoon.


  1. In a deep cup, combine kefir with soda, sugar and salt;
  2. Sift the flour and slowly add to the kefir mixture;
  3. Add vegetable oil;
  4. Add the desired consistency to the dough by adding flour and water;
  5. Leave the dough for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Heat the pan, add oil and let it warm up;
  7. Bake until golden brown.

American Pancakes or Pancakes

Everyone has seen American pancakes at least once. They are much thicker than regular pancakes. Cooking pancakes is not much different than cooking ordinary pancakes. They can also be prepared in milk without eggs.


  • Wheat flour - a glass;
  • Kefir - half a liter;
  • Vegetable oil - one big spoon;
  • Salt - a pinch;
  • Sugar - two dessert spoons;
  • Soda is a coffee spoon.


  1. Pour kefir into a deep cup, add sugar, salt and soda to it.
  2. Stir thoroughly and leave for 10 minutes, wait until soda and kefir react and bubbles appear.
  3. Add flour until thick sour cream is obtained by dough.
  4. Pour in oil and leave the dough for another 10 minutes.
  5. Heat the pan, do not add oil. Pancakes are cooked in a dry pan. Next to the stove put a cutting board, on it a wet towel folded in several rows to periodically cool the pan.
  6. Put the heated pan for a few seconds on a towel, then return it to the stove and pour the pancake.
  7. When the pancake is covered with bubbles, it can be turned over.
  8. Pancakes are cooked over medium heat and very quickly.

Put pancakes in a pile and decorate.

Pancakes with dried milk without eggs

If there is no milk at home, then the pancake dough can be prepared on the basis of a dry product. Usually there is milk powder in almost every home, procured by the housewives "just in case". It is worth noting that pancakes based on this product are in no way inferior in their taste to a dish prepared in fresh milk.

For cooking you need:

  • one and a half glasses of flour;
  • half a liter of warm water;
  • 4 tablespoons of milk powder;
  • 35 grams of sugar;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • a pinch of soda;
  • 30 grams of olive oil.

Step-by-step method of preparation:

  1. The first step is to prepare liquid milk having a fat content of 2.5%. To do this, in a deep container, water is mixed with milk powder. Tip: pour the powder in small portions into a small amount of water so that no lumps form. And then you need to dilute the resulting homogeneous mass with the remaining liquid.
  2. The diluted milk fluid is left for 20 minutes to swell the milk proteins.
  3. Sugar and salt are poured into it, the liquid is mixed until they are completely dissolved.
  4. Flour and soda are gradually sifted into the same container. If lumps have formed, they need to be broken with a mixer or a whisk.
  5. A frying pan greased with oil is heated, a small ladle of dough is poured on its middle, which is distributed over the entire surface of the bottom.
  6. On each side, the pancake is fried for 1 minute.

To make the dish softer, each pancake should be lubricated with a small amount of butter after baking.

How to make pancakes without eggs (video)

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The main thing is that cooking should take place with a soul, with the determination to pamper and please the beloved family and guests. And then everything will work out for sure, and the efforts of the hostess will be highly appreciated.