The second life of old shoes: create an unusual flower garden

And where do you put on your old shoes? Throw it in the bin, take it to the village or to the country, and then put it on when digging potatoes. Yes, there are not many options. But there is one very interesting way to beautifully "recycle" old shoes or boots. In this article, you will learn how to turn old shoes into original mini flower beds.

Stages of making flower beds from old shoes

First, conduct an audit in your shoe cabinet and select shoes or boots that you have not worn for a long time.

Take the usual enamel paint and paint the top. It may be a plain decor, but it will look more fun if you draw funny circles or stripes. Instead of paint on boots, you can glue an ornament of self-adhesive colored film.

When the paint dries, it is necessary to fill the interior with fertilized soil. If you fill high boots, then sand can be poured into the bottom, and soil from above.

Next, proceed to planting flowers. You can drop stunted specimens in shoes and shoes: daisies, pansies, petunia, begonia, marigolds - these are well-flowering plants. But in the boots you need to plant tall plants: chrysanthemums, asters, hyacinths, tulips, lilies, phloxes, peonies, irises.

As you understand, you need to change the filling of mini-beds with seasonal flowers all year round. Then on your garden site beautiful decor will be constantly!

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