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How to deal with dill caterpillars

Good day. Recently I noticed such insects on dill and parsley. After their invasion, the dill began to turn yellow and twist. Who are they and how to deal with them? thanks

I have exactly the same story with dill

This is just a coincidence, they are very useful, take care of them, they do not touch the plants.

I have such sorrel, but before they appeared I could not cope with some bugs

I did not know and crushed them with fear 🙁

I also “banged” one, now I repent

I also crushed them, and not a little. For how many years the first time I see such.

True, these are the ladybug larvae.

And when it pupates, it looks like a Colorado larva.

Just gently transplant the larvae to other plants, and process dill with something from folk remedies

Thanks everybody