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Cyclamen: how to water, feed and care

This spring, I sowed several cyclamen seeds. First, one seed came up, the rest did not. And this one stood for so long with one leaf. And today I saw that the third leaf began to peck. Tell me, how can I take care of it now, how to water it properly, how to feed it? So you want to grow a beautiful lush bush.


I also raised my cyclamen from seeds. Cyclamen does not need a large pot and a lot of land, it is necessary that his bulb one-third protrudes above the ground. While you do not have onions there, but over time it will form. It bloomed with me only in the second year, but it bloomed for a long time and plentifully. Moderate watering, preferably in the pan, on the bulb tried not to pour water, so as not to rot.