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What kind of pest is gnawing flower stalks from strawberries

What's wrong with my strawberry? I cut off such leaves, and they appear again! Someone gnaws flower stalks! Help advice, please!

If it bites the buds, it is a weevil. I lost a crop two years ago. Now, every spring, before the buds appear, I process the poison in the fall, too.

If not the buds, but the whole flower stalks, they are such bugs. They are black, about half the size of May, they do not fly and live in minks on the ground. Crawl in the grass and mow, which is more tasty.

and what are they poisoning?

it is necessary in the garden shop to ask for a preparation from these bugs. There are a lot of them, and anyone can be in the store

tell me what poison you process in the spring. thanks

for the treatment of all fruit trees and shrubs in spring and autumn I use Fufanon.

Thanks for answers! But buds and probably can’t be processed with anything? So what to do?

just the buds are still possible. By colors no longer possible

thanks! We will save!

From weevil in spring to flowering, treat with Fufanon or Karbofos