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What are these holes on the tomato fruits

Experienced gardeners, tell me what happened to the tomatoes? On one bush like that. Sits in the greenhouse. Maybe someone eats them? What to process? Thanks in advance!

next to it was seedlings of cabbage. Her tracks were nibbled. I didn’t find them on tomatoes

Someone tried a tooth

Most likely a scoop. It feeds at night, and sleeps in the soil under the plant during the day. Try to dig a little earth, maybe find larvae.

Last year, I had caterpillars scoops eating tomatoes, infections! And they aren’t visible during the day, hiding in the ground, and I accidentally caught one at night, went to cover the garden from the rain, and she’s a green caterpillar. In the internet I read about this scourge later .

You didn’t process anything from the scoop? How were you saved?

processed here with this drug.

Thank you, I just bought all kinds of goodies for evil spirits, including this drug

it’s a biological product, it helped me last year.

mulched with a thick layer of grass, the benefit of the plot is large, and last year was the first on it, there were few beds, there was a lot of grass. I didn’t process any chemicals, the tomatoes were already ripe milk, I didn’t dare. Among the stems in the mulch I arranged glasses from sour cream with water , these bastards fell into them at night. On the Internet they write that you need to add jam or beer for the smell. I'll see what happens this season.