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What to do if tomatoes are planted very close to each other

Good day! Please give some advice. At first it seemed to me a little, but now it turned out that a lot :-). I thickened planting a tomato, now almost a forest. Slowly cut the lower leaves, and upstairs it is very thick. Tomatoes are tied, but not everywhere. Watering every 10 days. Sorta de barao and bull heart. I even have a dog hiding from the heat there now 🙂

Everything is fine with you, lead De Barao into one stem, this is an indent, removing all the stepsons, and the bull one can leave 1-2 stepsons, leaves can be removed, no more than 2 at a time from the bush, after 1 brush of tomato is tied and only under it, and you write that not everyone is blooming, but the leaves have already been cut, or didn’t I understand you?

I cut the lower leaves at a time for 2-3 sheets, after 2-3 days

So you can crop, under the tied brush, but not before. This is the same food.

Now everything is clear. It’s just that my grandmothers came to the country with a “revision” and said that I had to cut the lower leaves. Learn from mistakes. I'll be smarter next year 🙂

Of course, you need to pick it off, but you have wonderful tomatoes, I always plant De Barao, but also many different ones, 17 varieties, 2 each, some 1 or 3. Choose varieties that are disease-resistant, I like cherry, they are practical November grow and do not get sick, De Barao plant red, orange and giant. Good tomatoes Blagovest, Dvortsovyn, Pink honey. Polonaise (goal. Selection) Malachite box. This is a proven one. And of course I'm trying new ones. Good luck to you.

Thank you very much for your advice! Cherry of all colors (red, yellow, black) grow and delight me in the exhaust gas. Some survived the cold without a cover: (others were covered. Now everything is in one height. I took a lot of useful information from you from the page

I am glad if it helps, good luck and excellent harvests.

If there was a place for a dog, then it’s not so densely planted 🙂 I talk with one gardener, she has her own group in OK, and so she plants tomato seedlings at a distance of 20 cm. By the end of the season she has bare branches with a huge number a tomato. It didn’t work out for me, I’ll say right away.

I would like to talk with your gardener, and I have very densely planted tomatoes in the city. They grew up under 1m and it was strung 40cm I don’t go stepson, I don’t know what to do

Dog instead of mulch works 🙂