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Rosa Sophia Loren: the standard of femininity in garden decor

Rose Sophia Loren from breeder Mathias Tantau, Jr. was obtained in Germany in 1967 and belongs to the tea-hybrid varieties with repeated flowering.

Characterization and description of the variety

Sophia Loren conquers the variety with its splendor, and its description is known to almost every experienced florist in Russia and abroad. The buds have a pronounced round-pointed shape and the petals are saturated bright red in color, with a delicate velvety surface.

The average diameter of the flowers at the stage of full blooming reaches 10.5-12.5 cm. A characteristic feature of the variety is the formation of a large number of velvety petals, so that the flowers look very decorative and elegant. The aroma is pleasant, strong enough, but unobtrusive.

It should be remembered that in conditions of too hot and dry climates, the edges of the petals may slightly singe. Flowering is plentiful and long, several times a season. Both single flowers and small attractive inflorescences can form. The stems are very long, straight and powerful. Bushes are vertical, tall - an average of 1.2-1.5 m.

The leaves are dark green, leathery, ovoid. Spikes are rare, but large. Rosa Sophia Loren perfectly holds the shape of buds and for a very long time keeps a fresh look after cutting. The variety perfectly adapts to the weather and soil conditions of regions with a fairly cool climate. The rose can be cultivated both in the open air and in greenhouse conditions.

Hybrid Tea Roses: Growing

Care Rules

Compliance with the technology of growing tea-hybrid roses allows you to get a highly decorative culture with strong growth and lush flowering. The general rules for caring for garden roses, including Sophia Loren, are as follows:

  • Constant top dressing with mineral and basic organic fertilizers: this has a positive effect on the quality and duration of flowering.
  • The introduction of the first feeding in the spring (in the form of urea).
  • At the stage of active budding, top dressing with potassium-phosphorus fertilizers or a slurry solution with the addition of potassium sulfate and superphosphate (10-12 grams of each substance per 10 liters of nutrient infusion).
  • Trimming and removing faded flowers (if necessary).
  • Maintaining maximum purity in the flower garden: periodic removal of weeds and surface loosening of the soil, preventing the formation of soil crust.
  • Timely prevention of roses by fungal infections, aphids, bugs, caterpillars and ticks.

Sophia Loren’s caring for the rose also involves preparing the plant for winter, which should begin in the last decade of August or early September. During this period, you can not cut flowers: it stimulates the ripening of shoots. Before the onset of a significant cooling, it is recommended to add a layer of soil or peat in the trunk circles of rose bushes with a height of 20-25 cm, as well as to cover the plants with fir spruce branches and garden polyethylene.

Use in garden design

Tall hybrid tea roses are very often used in landscape design, due to their attractive appearance and the ability to use as abundantly blooming background for other plants.

A combined hedge looks very elegant and modern, in which roses are planted in the foreground, and the background is represented by evergreen or deciduous plants of tree or shrub species.

A tapeworm, or a single planting, is also a great option for growing Sophia Loren's hybrid tea rose. A very spectacular appearance allows you to use the rose bush as the focal point of the lawn, meadow, paved area and slope.

Rose Sophia Loren goes well with gypsophila, a soft cuff and a pungent buttercup. Late peonies, large-flowered dahlias and tuberous begonias are not recommended as partners. Aconites, veronica and sage, catnip, astilbe of contrasting color are well suited for the background. You can combine a rose with blue host varieties and decorative cereals: blue celery, ever-living sheep and any varietal elimuses.

Recommendations and reviews of gardeners

Many beginner growers confuse the variety Sophia Loren with the equally popular hybrid tea rose Burgund-81 (Burgund-81). The difference between the variety Sophia Loren is that it has bright red flowers with a dark raspberry center and dark velvety edges. Inflorescences are densely doubled, consist of 40-50 petals. In addition, the Sophia Loren rose, in contrast to the Burgundy-81 variety, forms very tall and powerful bushes.

How to plant a rose

According to experienced gardeners, the Sophia Loren rose is an ideal option for growing in the Moscow region: it is characterized by sufficient resistance to defeat by powdery mildew and black spotting, high winter hardiness, easily withstands long rains and wintered well under the spout.