How is growing vegetables in Siberia

The problem of growing vegetables and fruits in the harsh Siberian climate worries all residents of this region. Previously, they planted potatoes, carrots, onions and some varieties of herbs, and let alone bell peppers, different types of cabbage at all, no seeds, no conditions, no greenhouses either. Some guy will build a kind of greenhouse, his wife is happy, and the neighbors go and envy, and what to plant tomatoes in it, and nothing more. It’s easy now, I went, I bought a bag of seeds and now seedlings, and not far off and harvesting.

The winters in Siberia were very long and the summer was short, so it was necessary to have time, quickly plant, constantly shelter so that the first shoots would not freeze. But what was hard to say, it now has everything you want, and greenhouses and a large selection of different polyethylene for beds, and a huge selection of seeds, various fertilizers and fertilizing for plants. And the climate has changed, now in Siberia it is growing absolutely calmly, as in the Volga region and Central regions of Russia.

The most important thing is to select those types of seeds that are more adapted to climatic conditions in Siberia, to sow seedlings in time and plant them in the garden so that it does not grow and does not freeze in the open ground. Bell pepper is recommended to be planted on seedlings in late February, tomatoes in mid-March, cabbage in late March, early April. Now in Siberia, even without a greenhouse, you can grow watermelons, melons, beans, zucchini, eggplant and much more, but how could you think about this 25 years ago. Of course, the soil on which you are going to break the garden is very important, it must be fed with humus, manure, peat or compost, thanks to this it will be saturated with the necessary elements in the soil and become more loose. The main thing to be careful with manure is not to use burnt out manure.

It is very rare in Siberia to grow spinach, celery, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, mainly because of a person’s fear that it will not grow, it won’t work, and in general, why should I plant potatoes in the garden, it’s in Siberia will definitely grow. And in vain all of the above plants can be perfectly grown, like potatoes, they contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins and you should not refuse them especially to those who have small children or who watch their figure. Although it is a private matter for everyone to plant and grow, but still you should not dwell on banal potatoes and carrots, but it is worth experimenting, because the attempt is not torture.