Description of varieties and growing conditions of strawberries Favorit

Hello! I am interested in strawberry Favorit, a description of the variety and features of cultivation. A few years ago, I planted about 20 bushes, but, unfortunately, all of them disappeared over time. It was very sorry for the labor invested, especially since our family managed to fall in love with this berry. I want to try again to breed strawberries, but now I know all the information about the variety in advance. Thanks!

Hello! Indeed, strawberry Favorite is a good choice for growing on the site, a description of the variety and growing conditions will help you relish this wonderful berry. It is not surprising that, after tasting this berry, you dream again to revive the crop in the garden. Besides the fact that large fruits are tasty and have a pleasant aroma, they are also great for freezing and preparing various desserts.

In general, strawberries are able to grow on various soils, it adapts to all conditions, but to get a good harvest it is better to enrich the site with fertilizers. Nutritious chernozem and forest soils are suitable for the Favorite berry.

When planting strawberries, it is worth considering that she loves sunny areas, but does not tolerate direct rays. It is recommended to choose those beds where the sun shines in the first half of the day, and in the second there will be a shadow. It is also better to choose a level place for culture: it does not like excessive moisture, because it leads to decay.

Strawberry Favorit is unpretentious and undemanding in care. The only thing that needs to be provided to the plant is regular weeding from weeds and plentiful watering. Many experienced gardeners prefer this particular type of strawberry because of its resistance to fungal diseases.